Ben Hill


Ben Hill grew up by the sea on the Somerset Levels in England’s West Country. At the age of 21 he went to Sandhurst to train as an Army officer from where he went to travel extensively throughout western Europe further afield.

Retiring after 12 years service Ben moved into education and training as well as art photography. Since then Ben has worked in a variety of publics and private roles connected with media and training.

As a boy my family were more used to using simple 35mm instamatic cameras rather than SLR’s. My first camera was a box brownie which I loved despite it’s simple mechanics and limitations, while it was my brother who can claim to first make the leap into the realm of SLRs.

Now my work is purely in digital. It is not better than film in all respects, but the advantages easily outweigh the disadvantages and the results improve as a result. I consider myself as an artist not a photographer; I just choose the camera for my work rather than a brush or chisel.

I particularly enjoy low light photography, not because of the obvious technical obstacles but because of the effects it produces, I gain as much pleasure from observing shadows as I do light.

While I take pleasure in all genres I still enjoy nothing as much as observational photography where I hit the streets with an idea in mind and see what I can find to fit my idea, although sometimes the picture just happens to be lying in wait for you.

Studio work is exciting in itself, the pace is more intense and you often develop lasting relationships that you don’t get on the streets.